Bring on Spring

Bring on Spring

Did anyone else wake up to that dusting of snow here in Maryland and think: What the HECK is this??

With Groundhogs Day being tomorrow and 60's weather projected next week we're all expecting Spring to make an early appearance this year. Its been a mild winter for sure but its WINTER... Im no fan. 


I was just at Target the other day and I had to hold back from buying all the pretty new planters they had put out for spring gardening knowing full well I have NO WHERE indoors to keep them while I wait for temperatures warm enough to keep plants outside. 

Nearly two springs ago, out of sheer anxiety over Jameson's heart surgery, I planted and grew well over 200 seedlings that I then repotted and gave away to friends and neighbors for their gardens the night before the operation. For weeks I had every available surface in my house; my washing machine, dryer, counters, table, desk, cabinets, everything, covered in little pods of tiny budging seedlings.

When it comes to gardening itself I have a general hands-off approach. In the front of my house I replaced all my plants with native pollinator plants and herbs which our local pollinators LOVE. I don't particularly weed as its not really necessary and everyone takes care of themselves.

In the back I have a teeny tiny veggie garden that could use more hands on work but between the kids and Larsen Lane there isn't much time! The tomatoes grow wild, the zucchini sometimes grow to the size of small baseball bats, cucumbers growing in abundance and the basil has been known to become a bush. This year I think I might try to expand to a few other veggies that like the sun and heat that part of the yard gets so if you have any suggestions, send them!

Until it starts to warm up though, I think ill start to gather up some of my seeds and think about starting to wake them up from their long naps in some nice wet dirt in the warmth of my home.

XOXO friends! 

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